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All-in-one Marketing-Software with intelligent connections

chocoBRAINs All-in-One Marketing-Software combines and connects all required marketing tools to sustainably win more visitors, leads and sales.

Information network

Link your webportal with other portals in the chocoBRAIN network. Establish new contacts and get valuable backlinks.

Pre-optimized Blog / Webportal

Expand or replace your existing website by a pre-optimized, interactive Blog or Webportal.

Search engine optimization & social media

The SEO-assistant guides you to create and sharecontents and undertakes the technical. optimization for you. Valuable links are gained due connections.

Connected interactions

chocoBRAIN connects information to make them more traceable and credible for visitors.

Landing pages​

Get contact data in exchange of provided premium information. Publish your contents as landing pages.


Identify prospective clients using the chocoBRAIN visitor history.


Using the process assistent you are able to get referrals of your customers and employees. The information network makes them traceable.

Service community

Provide your contacts online customer service. Encourage the exchange of information in costumer forums.

Partner portals

Offer your services on portals of your partners. By the intelligent network you always have full control of information and higher sales.

Designer (CMS) for mobile websites

Create and optimize your website simply by yourself - automatically edited for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Performance analysis

Measure the success of your marketing activities with expressive reports. Recognize measures for the improvement of your marketing.

Social Media

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chocoBRAIN bietet Ihnen alles was Sie brauchen, um Ihre Google Platzierung zu verbessern, von Interessenten gefunden zu werden und zur Generierung von hochwertigen Leads.
  • Suchbegriffe: Erhalten Sie eine zielgruppenabhängige Suchbegriffsliste
  • Inhaltliche SEO: Optimieren Sie Ihre Website mit dem Suchmaschinenassistenten
  • Backlinkaufbau: Bauen Sie Rückverlinkungen auf nach Anleitung des Suchmaschinenassistenten und verbreiten Sie Ihre Inhalte auf Social Media
  • Technische SEO: Erhalten Sie ständig technische SEO Aktualisierungen
  • Analyse: Diagnostizieren Sie Ihre Website und Beobachten Sie effektive Suchbegriffe und eingehende Links
Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO)

Networked technology

chocoBRAIN actualise and extend your web technology and marketing tools automatically. Remain perpetually up-to-date.

Inbound-marketing method

People who search, have needs. Apply the proven inbound method for the age of the internet and be found by your desirable customers.

Credibility strategy

Pursue a marketing strategy of traceability and credibility because trust is the base for successful businesses.

Expert support

Receive support from the chocoBRAIN team of experts and well-chosen partner agencies, so that we save you time and costs.

Together we improve perpetually your inbound-marketing

We play in technical actualisations and functional extensions automatically for you.

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