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Today I learned about one of these super old, super useful UNIX Tools (it seems to ship with OSX).Scenario: Debugging session in Rails SSH into production servercd into rails directoryexport some environment variable (RAILS_ENV)start interactive program "irb" with bash command "script/console"type some initializing commands into irbstart the real debuggingYou can use the "expect" terminal tool, to automate all of these tasks prior to the real debugging.All you need is a little script. Let's call it "quick_debug.exp". Everytime you need to quickly debug something in your Rails production server...

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Some of my older software projects. Funny game utilizing the build-in accelerometers of the MacBook. Application for Mac (OSX 10.5 or higher). Requires MacBook. Translations:  Leben = Lives,  Punkte = Points,  Neues Spiel = New Game. Source: Idea: Jono ( for Snow Leopard and QS b56a7: Source: me. Might require older version of Quicksilver. Source: Idea: Jono ( Not stable. Might require older...