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Increase your twitter efficiency

See how successull users send out their twitter tweets. Increase your twitter efficiency by doing it alike. Improve it and save valuable time and efforts in tweeting.

Increase Twitter efficiency:

What is required?

A Twitter Account

Create a Twitter account via the following link - it's free:

A chocoBRAIN Account

Create a chocoBRAIN account via the following link - it's free:

Something more to present than just 140 letters

You cannot tell everything in just 140 letters - but you can make someone curious in 140 letters!

The belief that you don't necessarily need a website

... or even any more?

A successful structure of twitter tweets


It's as simple as that. If you want to communicate a message that is longer than 140 letters tweets are usually set up as Headline + Link. Have a look e.g. on the tweets from "mashable" who is quite successful on Twitter with more than 2 Mio followers. His tweets always contain a link to his website.

But not everyone has a website or knows how to set up one. And maybe you just want to communicate one single subject very quickly and easily?! See below how you can realize it without an ordinary website and with less effort.

Increase Twitter efficiency:

Increase your efficiency by combining Twitter with chocoBRAIN

To increase your twitter tweets efficiency put your message into:

a) a public conversation on chocoBRAIN where you can capture long texts and people are able to comment it

b) a content on chocoBRAIN where you can structure your text and even enhance it with pictures, videos, download links etc.

Optimize your chocoBRAIN-contents for search engines afterwards. You can easily do so via the Search Engine Wizard. It improves the amount how often you're being found.

Every information can be captured within contents using different media. Afterwards post your message via Twitter the same way as successful people do: Headline + (chocoBRAIN-)Link

Increase Twitter efficiency:

Your Benefits

The improvements you get are:
  • Easy and fast publications
  • No need of technical website related skills
  • Your content is being optimized for search engines
  • Additional potential readers on one centralized "choco-platform"
  • Improved Multimedia possibilities out of the box
  • And these is all for free!

Increase your twitter efficiency by combining twitter with chocoBRAIN.

Increase Twitter efficiency:

Tips & Tricks

Optimize your content for search engines using the chocoBRAIN Search Engine Wizard (SEW).

Post your content Link as a public conversation on chocoBRAIN. It will then be displayed in addition on the chocoBRAIN starting page. This will improve the likeliness for finding your content.

Extend your reach by developing a network on chocoBRAIN. Each time you publish a new content your contacts will get a short status message about it. This will improve the awareness of your contacts.


mashable on Twitter -

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Increase your twitter efficiency
See how successull users send out their twitter tweets. Increase your twitter efficiency by doing it alike. Save valuable time and efforts in tweeting.

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